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New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Expensive Decision
Apple Releases iOS 11.4 Public Beta 2 with iPhone Red Wallpapers (For Some)
The iPhone X Alone Made Three Times More Money than Every Android Manufacturer Put Together
Apple has an iPhone Design Problem it's Getting Harder to Solve
Watch: iPhone X Vs. Galaxy S9 Plus Battery Life Compared
Watch the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ Go Head-to-head in a Battery Life Test
Shocker: Samsung is Working on a Phone Design that Copies the iPhone X's Notch
I Have Little Hope that the Pixel 3 will Be Anything but an iPhone X Clone
Samsung Might Make its own iPhone X-style Phone Notch
Apple's iPhone Unlikely to Recover Damaged Chinese Marketshare, Analyst Argues
Why Apple Inc. Won't Release an iPhone 9 this Year
New iPhone Leak 'Confirms' Significant Design Decision
Apple Planned to Release a Gold iPhone X but it May Have been Scrapped
Android P will Have Gesture Navigation Similar to the iPhone X
Apple Made a Gold iPhone X and Never Released it
Google Accidentally Reveals Android P Might Have iPhone X-like Gestures
Apple Loop: Stunning New iPhone Leaks, Three Risky iPhones for 2018, Facebook Prepares Apple Strike
Unreleased Gold iPhone X Leaks Thanks to the FCC
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