Microsoft stories

Microsoft's Quarterly Profit Rises 3.6 Percent
Microsoft Shuts Down “Snap” Multitasking Feature on Xbox One
Microsoft will Pour More than $1 Billion Annually into Cybersecurity
Microsoft Earnings: What to Watch
Watch Microsoft Accelerator London’s Demo Day Here
Microsoft to Continue to Invest Over $1 Bln a Year on Cyber Security
Apple Set to Join Microsoft, Google, Facebook, in AI Research Group
Microsoft is Making it Easier for the Thai Government to Break Web Encryption
Microsoft: Migration to the New is 99.9 Percent Done
You Can Attain Excel Mastery with Microsoft Office Specialist Certification
Cisco Joins Microsoft and Google in the Digital Whiteboard Market with its $5000 Spark Board
What Wall Street Wants from Microsoft Earnings
Microsoft Partners with Trimble, University of Cambridge to Make HoloLens a Better Tool for the Construction Industry
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is Joining the Starbucks Board
Surface Phone Release Date and Rumors: 3 Reasons Microsoft’s Homegrown Flagship Would Be a Hit, 2 Reasons it Won’t
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