Microsoft stories

Baidu Hires Microsoft Executive Qi Lu as its New COO
Microsoft Australia Releases Waterproof, Inflatable, Non-functioning Xbox Controller
Microsoft Monday: Less Windows Data Collection, Scalebound Cancelled, Minecraft for Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Tells Corps to Remember XP, Migrate Away from Windows 7 Sooner than Later
A New Microsoft Foldable Device Patent Offers More Grist for the Surface Phone Rumor Mill
Microsoft CEO Says AI Should Help, not Replace, Workers
Microsoft Patents a Foldable Device that Morphs from Phone to Tablet
Microsoft CEO Says AI Should Help, not Replace, Workers
Microsoft's Lates Mobile Patent May Provide Next-generation Surface Device Clues
Microsoft Patent Reveals Foldable Phone that Turns into a Tablet
Microsoft Also Bags a Cohort of Patents for Building Foldable Smartphone Devices
Microsoft Buys AI Startup Maluuba to Democratize AI
Microsoft is Finally Rebuilding the Xbox One Dashboard for Speed
With Change to Cumulative Windows Updates, Microsoft Admits IE's Fading Role in the Enterprise
Microsoft Xbox One Declares a Breakthrough Update to Achieve Most Excellent Gaming Experience Ever
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