Microsoft stories

Watch How Portal Would Work in the Real World Thanks to Microsoft HoloLens
Google, Unlike Microsoft, Must Turn Over Foreign Emails
Microsoft's Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Makes Typing a Pleasure
Microsoft is Disabling Older Versions of Skype for Mac and Windows on March 1
Op-ed: When Marketers Drive Microsoft’s 0day Exploit Communications, We all Lose
Microsoft Likely to Fix Windows SMB Denial-of-service Flaw on Patch Tuesday
Sources: Microsoft to Open Office at One Campus Martius
IDG Contributor Network: Microsoft Details Changes Coming to Edge Browser
Microsoft is Taking its Detroit Operation Downtown
Microsoft Presses for Immigration-Ban Exceptions
Using Microsoft's HoloLens to View an HTC Vive's Virtual World
Microsoft has a New Plan to Make PCs Cool Again
Microsoft Previews Upcoming Improvements in .Net
The Future of Microsoft’s Languages: C# to Be Powerful, Visual Basic Friendly
Microsoft’s Successful Transformation: From Microsoft to Microcloud
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