Microsoft stories

Microsoft has a New Plan to Make PCs Cool Again
Microsoft Previews Upcoming Improvements in .Net
The Future of Microsoft’s Languages: C# to Be Powerful, Visual Basic Friendly
Microsoft’s Successful Transformation: From Microsoft to Microcloud
Microsoft's Browsers Return to Losing Habits, Fall to 25% Share
Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview with Narrator Braille Support, Updated Night Light
Nimble Named a Winner in 2017 CRM Watchlist for a Third Year, Joining Salesforce and Microsoft
Microsoft Gives Windows Device Makers their 2017 Marching Orders
The Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word 2017
New Sector 5 Chromebooks Include Free Microsoft 365 Suite
The Microsoft Store is Just not Ready to Compete on any Level
Microsoft Sets 2017 High with $17 Billion Bond Sale
This is Dropbox’s Latest Plan to Challenge Google, Microsoft, and Box
My Four Years at Microsoft: How Everything Changed
Microsoft's Coming Windows 10 Cloud Release May Have Nothing to do with the Cloud
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