Robots stories

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Helping Students Transition from the Laboratory to Robotics Startup
C-Turtle: The Landmine-detecting Robot 'Turtle'
Sami Atiya from ABB Says Industrial Robots will Add Jobs, not Take Them Away
Steve the Robot Cop is 'On Life Support' After Near Drowning, but May Work Again
Sony's High-speed 'Eye' Gives Robots 1,000 Fps Vision
Asimov’s Laws Won’t Actually Stop Robots from Harming Us, so Here’s a Better Solution
Watch a Homemade Robot Crack a SentrySafe Combination Safe in 15 Minutes
Want to Visit the Moon Here on Earth? Try Tenerife like the ESA's New Rover Robots
LG’s New Airport Robots will Guide You to your Gate and Clean up your Trash
​LG Begins Robot Trials in Korean Airport
Meet your New Fungible, Phallic Robot Friend
A Keen-Eyed Robot Goes to Work for a Paralyzed Veteran
An Incredible New Robot Inspired by Vines Can Grow 25,000 Times its Original Size
Why Robots May Soon Steal all Manufacturing Jobs – But It’s not all Bad News
Here’s What Robotics Investors Say They’re Looking for in Startup Pitches
'Terminator 2' UHD Blu-ray Comes with a Life-size Robot Arm
The Afghan Girls Robotics Team Just Won a Silver Medal
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