Robots stories

MIT Researchers are Teaching Robots to Obey Our Commands Through Alexa
Google Says its Robots Identify Extremist Content on YouTube Better than Humans
Terminator Speaker Uses Amazon Alexa to Let You Talk to your Future Robot Masters
Ignore Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg's War Over Killer Robots, the Real Challenge is Already Here
Geek Fight! Musk Says Zuckerberg Naive About Killer Robots
Sentient Killer Robots Could Go Rogue, Warns Top US General
Musk Warns Governors About Homicidal Robots & Other AI Dangers
Google Finally Sold Boston Dynamics, and all its Insane Robots
Google Finds a Buyer for Two Robotics Companies it Didn't Want Anymore
Will Robots Take your Job? Elon Musk Thinks We Have 30 Years Until AI is Better than Us at Everything
Swift Playgrounds will Soon Be Able to Program and Control Robots, Drones, and Toys
Apple's Swift Playgrounds will Make Robots and Drones Dance
Stan the Robotic Parking Valet Gets to Work at Paris Airport
Icelandic Language at Risk; Robots, Computers Can't Grasp it
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