Snapchat stories

Snapchat is Turning its Lenses Platform into a Shopping Mall for Brands
Snapchat Launches ‘shoppable’ Augmented Reality Feature in Lenses
You Can Now Build your own Face Filter for Snapchat
Instagram Tests its Counterpart to Snapchat's Friend Codes
Snapchat Brings Back Chronological Feed (for Some People)
Snapchat is Finally Releasing its Special Lenses for iPhone X Users
Snapchat Finally Delivers Those TrueDepth-enhanced AR Lenses
Snapchat Now Uses the iPhone X's TrueDepth Camera to Make Better Filters
Did You Try these New Snapchat Lenses on your iPhone X
Snapchat Harnesses TrueDepth on iPhone X for Ultra-realistic Lenses
Snapchat's iPhone X-exclusive Lenses Look More Realistic than Usual
SnapChat is Releasing Special AR Lenses for iPhone X Users
Giphy is Back on Instagram and Snapchat After Claiming to Have Solved its Racist Sticker Problem
Snapchat Lets Giphy Back Onto its Platform After Racist GIF Incident
Snapchat Rolls Out Group Video Chat for up to 16 People
Snapchat Crashes the Houseparty with Group Video Chat
Snapchat Introduces New Group Video Chat Feature
Snapchat Mocks Facebook with its Russian Bot Filter
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