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Snapchat Throws Shade at Facebook with Russian Bot Filter
5 Reasons to Ditch Snapchat for Instagram, if You Haven't Already
Snapchat's Map Explore Feature will Let You Know When your Friends are Hanging Out Without You
Snapchat Apologizes for 'Disgusting' Rihanna-Chris Brown Ad
Rihanna's Reasons for Condemning Snapchat are Far More Serious than the Issues Kylie Raised
'Shame on You': Rihanna Responds to Ad on Snapchat that Joked About Domestic Violence
Rihanna Shames Snapchat Over Crass Ad Mocking Domestic Violence
Why it Makes Sense for Twitter to Take on Snapchat Discover
Instagram and Snapchat Have Dropped Support for GIPHY Stickers
The Real Reason Why GIFs are no Longer Available on Snapchat, Instagram
Instagram & Snapchat Remove Giphy Integration Due to Sticker W/ Racial Slur
Snapchat, Instagram Pull Giphy Integration After Users Find Extremely Racist GIF
Snapchat Removes Giphy Feature Due to Racial Slur GIF
Snapchat and Instagram Pull Giphy Stickers Over Racist GIF
Instagram and Snapchat Yank Giphy Integration Due to Racist GIF
Snapchat and Instagram Remove Giphy Feature Over Racist GIF
Racist GIF Causes Snapchat to Drop its Giphy Feature
Netflix Gets Snapchatty: Mobile App to Add Vertical Video
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