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Snapchat Rolls Out Analytics Tool to Win Back the Influencers it has Lost to Instagram
Snapchat Finally Gives Creators Analytics
In a First Step Towards Monetization, Snapchat Starts Sharing Stats with Creators
Snapchat is Finally Giving Influencers Data About their Posts and Followers
Snapchat's New Interface is Already Pushing Some Users to Instagram
Google Wants to Be Snapchat, Too
Nobody Seems to like the Update to Snapchat
Snapchat Redesign Stirs Massive Backlash: More than 670K People Sign Petition Get the Old Design Back
For Advertisers, Snapchat's Got the Kids
Facebook Losing Young Users even Faster to Snapchat, EMarketer Says
For Advertisers, Snapchat's Got the Kids
Here's Why Snapchat Users are so Upset About its Recent Redesign
This is One War Snapchat is Winning Over Facebook
Snapchat's Facebook-inspired Redesign Rolls Out: Here's What's New
Facebook Losing Friends to Snapchat in the UK
These Portals to Elon Musk's Space Tesla and 'Rick and Morty' are Going Viral on Snapchat
New Snapchat Lenses Take You to Elon Musk's Space Tesla, 'Rick and Morty'
Snapchat Knew its Redesign Could Upset Users
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