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Jaguar Breaks Electric Speed Records in a Battery-powered Boat with Formula E Tech
Amazon Sunsets its Live Video Tech Support for Fire Tablets
The Tech Dad Really Covets, Plus Some Free Gift Ideas
Purdue’s PHADE Technology Lets Cameras ‘talk’ to You
New Technology Can See your Body Through Walls
iOS 12 Highlights: Memoji, Tech Addiction Tool, Group FaceTime
Facebook Sinking Fast Among US Teens: Survey
Virginia Could Turn into New Tech Hub as Amazon, Apple Consider Campuses
Tesla's “primary Technical Contact” with the Feds Just Left for Waymo
Two Vendors Now Sell iPhone Cracking Technology – And Police are Buying
Firefox Moves Browsers into Post-password Future with WebAuthn Tech
Uber, US Army to Explore Flying Vehicle Technology
At Google, 'Responsibility'
Google will Be Improving Technology for Android Messaging
Flipboard Introduces Expanded Tech Coverage and Private Sharing Features
Facebook Really Wants to Bring Back its Face-Scanning Tech in Europe. Problem Is, it Might Be Illegal.
Facebook's Facial Recognition Technology May not Meet Strict New EU Data Rules, a Top Watchdog Says
Last Week in Tech: Kill Some Time Before Facebook AI Fixes Everything
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