Twitter stories

Twitter Freezes 'Blue Tick' Verifications Amid Controversy
The Galaxy S9's Remaining Secrets were Quietly Spilled on Twitter
Twitter Suspends Accounts Known for Stealing Tweets
Twitter Says FBI Forced it to Share User Data
Twitter Suspends Accounts Found to Be Stealing or Mass-retweeting Tweets to Create Virality
Twitter Got Hacked
Twitter's Going to Start Weeding Out Abusive Tweets Before You See Them
Twitter is Notifying Anyone Who Followed a Russian Spam Account
Google's Search App on iOS Gets a Twitter-like Trends Feature, Faster Instant Answers
Here's Everything You Can do Right Now to Filter Out Twitter Abuse
Twitter's Vine Dies Today, so Download your Videos Pronto
Twitter Steps up Efforts to Silence Trolls
Twitter's User Growth Continues to Accelerate, but its Revenues Drop
For 10 Years, the Twitter Hashtag has Fueled Both Social Activism and Dad Jokes
Twitter is Removing Face-swapped AI Porn from its Platform, Too
Twitter Promises to Silence Trolls, Making the Platform Less Toxic for Brands Too
Twitter's Diversity Chief is Leaving After One Year
Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams to Sell Shares
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