Twitter stories

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Doesn't Use a Computer or a Tablet, Apparently
Twitter Makes Moments Creation a Desktop Exclusive as it Drops Support from iOS App
Elite Dangerous Player Banned from Twitter for Threatening Thargoids in Poem
Forget Twitter, Fiery Feeds is the Best Way to Read the News
YouTuber Trolls Twitter in
Study: Twitter Isn't Doing Enough to Combat 'Fake News'
Study: Fake Twitter Accounts from 2016 US Election are Still Active
Twitter Rules, Detection Methods and Enforcement Against Fake Accounts all Boosted
Shut Facebook and Twitter Down for 6 Weeks Before Elections
Mission Impossible: Can You Regain Access After Twitter Lockout?
Say Goodbye to @sweden, the Last Good Thing on Twitter
Twitter Explains Dehumanizing Speech so You Maggots will Understand
Twitter will Help You Prepare for Election Day
Twitter is Launching a Voter Registration Campaign
Twitter is Outraged After a Female Genital Mutilation Ad Appears on Some Users’ Feeds
Twitter Bug May Have Exposed Direct Messages
Twitter Says It’s Possible Some Private DMs were Sent to the Wrong People
A Twitter DM Fail, Free Credit Freezes, and More Security News this Week
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