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Can't Handle 280-Character Twitter? Download Our Chrome Extension, 140.
Snapchat and Twitter Adopting New Looks to Gain More Users
Twitter Kills its 140-character Limit. Now Tweets Can Be Twice as Long
Twitter is Ditching 140 Characters
What 280 Characters Means for Twitter's Future
Twitter Doubling Character Limit to 280 for Users
Twitter Rolls Out Expanded 280 Character Tweet Limit Worldwide
Google is Surfacing Texas Shooter Misinformation in Search Results
Twitter User Exploits Loophole to Post 35000-Character Tweet
Snapchat Outage Prompts Complaints on Twitter
Snapchat Outage Triggers Panic as Users Vent Frustration on Twitter
Twitter Exploit Let Two Pranksters Post a 35000-character Tweet
'I Actually Think I Might Cry': Distraught Snapchat Users Take to Twitter as Site Crashes
Twitter Rewrote its User Guidelines so it's Easier to Tell What will Get You Banned
OnePlus 'Tea'ses the OnePlus 5T on Twitter
Facebook, Twitter, and Google are Testifying on Russian Election Meddling
Facebook, Google, and Twitter Could've Prevented the Russian Ads. Why Didn't They?
Twitter Makes Another Rule Change; this Time Tackling Revenge Porn
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