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Android Messages May Soon Let You Text from the Web
Owl's Web-connected, Voice-activated Dashcam Looks Pretty Sweet
Apple Redesigns App Store Web Interface to Be More in Line with iOS
Four Malicious Chrome Extensions Removed from Chrome Web Store
Google Marks a Significant Return to China with Maps Relaunch for Web, iOS
Why your Web Browser May Be Most Vulnerable to Spectre and What to do About it
Amazon's Fire TV Sends YouTube Fans to External Web Browser
Amazon Updates Fire TV's YouTube App to Redirect Users to a Web Browser Instead
Opera's New Crypto-Mining Blocker is a Great Reason to Try their Web Browser
Amazon Fire TV Gets Web Browsers so You Can Bypass Google's YouTube Ban
Amazon Fire TV Users Can Now Browse the Web with Firefox and Silk Browsers
Amazon Fire TV Adds Browsers for Big-Screen Web Browsing
Amazon's Fire TV Devices Add Web Browsers to Access YouTube
Net Neutrality Keeps the Web from Running like an Airport Security Line. And it Might Go Away.
Mirai Botnet Hackers Plead Guilty for 2016 Web Outage
Amazon Adds its Silk Web Browser to Fire TV
Wikipedia Can Now Be Found on the Dark Web
Firefox Releases New Ultra-fast Web Browser to Take on Google Chrome
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