YouTube stories

YouTube Kids Features Some Pretty Disturbing Content
YouTube Suffers Serious Backlash from Advertisers Over Offensive Videos
Advertising: Publishers Retreat from the Risks of Google-YouTube Advertising
Disturbing YouTube Videos Trick Children
YouTube's Automated Tools Get it Wrong and Wrong Again
YouTube’s Ad Problems Finally Blow up in Google’s Face
Google's Bad Week: YouTube Loses Millions as Advertising Row Reaches us
Starbucks and Walmart Join Growing List of Advertisers Boycotting YouTube
YouTube is Facing a Full-scale Advertising Boycott Over Hate Speech
YouTube’s Ad Mess Gives Advertisers Leverage for What They Really Want: More Data
YouTube Continues Showing Brands' Ads with Objectionable Videos
There’s no Easy Fix for Google’s YouTube Problem
YouTube Automates Sound Effect Captions with AI
AT&T and Johnson & Johnson Pull Ads from YouTube
YouTube Advertiser Exodus Highlights Perils of Online Ads
Google's YouTube Losing Major Advertisers Upset with Videos
YouTube's Bid to Grab TV Dollars Imperiled by Advertiser Revolt
YouTube Advertiser Exodus Highlights Perils of Online Ads
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