YouTube stories

YouTube is Testing Hiding Comments in its Android App
YouTube and Universal Music Group are Remastering Old Music Videos
YouTube Uses AR to Let You Try on Makeup During Tutorials
YouTube's 'Shitty Robot' Queen Made her own Tesla Pickup Truck
Google CEO: YouTube is Too Big to Fix Completely
Vergecast: Recapping Code Conference and Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s Difficult Week
YouTube Testimonials Lure Patients to Shady Stem Cell Clinics
Facebook Says its YouTube Competitor is Growing, but Advertisers Want More Details
YouTube's 'Confused' Response to Anti-gay Slurs
YouTube Finally Bans White Supremacist Content
Congress is Taking on YouTube’s Pedophilia Problem
YouTube’s New Policies are Catching Educators, Journalists, and Activists in the Crossfire
ProBeat: YouTube is no Better than Facebook or Twitter
Three Ways YouTube Could Fight Harassment
YouTube Bans Videos that Deny Factual Catastrophes Such as the Holocaust Ever Happened
YouTube’s Anti-extremism Crackdown Targets Journalist Who Documents Extremism
Creators Aren’t Surprised that YouTube Won’t Enforce its own Policies Against Harassment
GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Introduces Bill Forcing YouTube 'To Stop Catering to Pedophiles'
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