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Google has sent out invites for what is likely an Android One launch event

Google  /  September 2 by Jesseb Shiloh

A Google satellite executive has reportedly left to go work for SpaceX

Google  /  September 3 by Scarlett Madison

Nearly 5 million Gmail accounts have had their information leaked

Google  /  5 days ago by Michio Hasai

T-Mobile users can now pre-order the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge

Samsung  /  September 3 by Brian Molidor

IKEA pokes fun at Apple in its new "Bookbook" advertisement

Apple  /  September 7 by Rocco Penn

NASA is building the largest rocket in the history of mankind

NASA  /  2 days ago by Louie Baur

Facebook's autoplay feature is killing people's phone bills

Facebook  /  September 4 by Rocco Penn

Both iPhone 6 models have gone up for pre-order on Apple's online store

Apple  /  4 days ago by Brian Molidor

Samsung has already started to poke fun at the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Apple  /  5 days ago by Jesseb Shiloh

Massive iPhone 6 demand is eating up all of the Lightening connectors

Apple  /  3 days ago by Carl Durrek

The US Army is getting laser cannons courtesy of Boeing

Military  /  September 7 by Michio Hasai

Elgato has released a new smart lightbulb for Apple's HomeKit

Gadgets  /  September 2 by Carl Durrek

Microsoft has announced 22 new Windows Phones from 14 OEMs

Microsoft  /  4 days ago by Connor Livingston

There's actually such a thing as a "Selfie Brush" now

Gadgets  /  September 8 by Jesseb Shiloh

Someone has leaked a video of themselves disassembling an iPhone 6

Apple  /  September 2 by Chastity Mansfield

Samsung has launched the world's first line of Android-powered printers

Gadgets  /  September 5 by Scarlett Madison

Garth Brooks has launched his own alternative to iTunes

Technology  /  September 5 by Michio Hasai

Tim Cook believes the iPhone 6 will trigger "the mother of all upgrades"

Apple  /  6 days ago by Connor Livingston

Microsoft is preparing to mass-produce massive touch-screens

Gadgets  /  September 4 by Lorie Wimble

Amazon has dropped the price of its failing Fire Phone to just $0.99

Amazon  /  September 9 by Rocco Penn