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Not all of the iPhone 6's models will feature a sapphire display

Apple  /  July 18 by Connor Livingston

PredictionIO wants to bring machine learning to program developers

Software  /  July 17 by Chastity Mansfield

Leaked images allegedly show off the iPhone 6’s Lightning connector

Apple  /  July 21 by Chastity Mansfield

Microsoft has halted the rollout of the Windows Phone 8.1 update

Microsoft  /  July 18 by Carl Durrek

The Windows 9 start menu has appeared in leaked screenshots

Microsoft  /  July 23 by Connor Livingston

Google gives us an early look at the new Chrome OS design

Google  /  July 20 by Chastity Mansfield

Images of an alleged iPhone 6 logic board have surfaced online

Apple  /  4 days ago by Carl Durrek

Gorgeous iPad Mini mock-ups show off rounded edges

Apps  /  July 19 by Jesseb Shiloh

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit by 20,000 of its employees

Apple  /  July 24 by Chastity Mansfield

Apple's sapphire display failed a scratch test using sandpaper

Apple  /  July 20 by Carl Durrek

This prototype display could render reading glasses obsolete

Hardware  /  Yesterday by Alfie Joshua

Google is offering a $1 million reward for a home-use power inverter

Gadgets  /  July 23 by Brian Molidor

Three MIT students have created a 3D printer for ice cream

Gadgets  /  July 20 by Scarlett Madison

BlackBerry teases more Passport features

Mobile  /  July 19 by Connor Livingston

This website waited three years to warn users of a data breach

Hacking  /  July 20 by Connor Livingston

A shoddy WordPress plugin enabled 50,000 websites to be backdoored

Internet  /  July 24 by Alfie Joshua

Facebook users are getting their data stolen by a fake YouTube link

Facebook  /  July 23 by Carl Durrek

Microsoft has created an HTML5 version of Settlers of Catan

Gaming  /  5 days ago by Brian Molidor

Microsoft and Intel have created their own Raspberry Pi-style board

Gadgets  /  2 days ago by Brian Molidor

Teenager's Galaxy S4 catches on fire while under her pillow

Mobile  /  4 days ago by Jesseb Shiloh