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Apple is launching an ultra-slim MacBook in late 2014 or early 2015

Apple  /  3 days ago by Connor Livingston

Now you can hack into a computer by simply touching it

Hacking  /  7 days ago by Rocco Penn

The AT&T store of the future in Huntington Beach, CA

Gadgets  /  5 days ago by Louie Baur

Images of Apple's redesigned USB power adapter have been leaked

Apple  /  August 24 by Jesseb Shiloh

A man has been sentenced to three years in jail for filming a movie

Technology  /  August 24 by Michio Hasai

Old car batteries could be turned into low-cost solar cells

Green  /  August 20 by Rocco Penn

T-Mobile is bringing Windows Phone 8.1 to the Lumia 521, 810, and 925

Mobile  /  5 days ago by Connor Livingston

Twitter's new experimental feature is annoying a lot of users

Twitter  /  August 18 by Carl Durrek

A Brazilian judge has ordered Apple and Google to remove the Secret app

Apple  /  August 20 by Carl Durrek

Microsoft has announced a major breakthrough in cloud gaming

Gaming  /  August 23 by Rocco Penn

Apple's 5.5-inch iPhone will reportedly be called the "iPhone 6L"

Apple  /  August 18 by Alfie Joshua

Twitter's analytics dashboard is now available to everyone

Twitter  /  3 days ago by Lorie Wimble

This interactive map shows you where internet censorship is strongest

Internet  /  4 days ago by Jesseb Shiloh

Even McDonald's is embracing the Digital Age

Technology  /  August 21 by Lorie Wimble

Two ESA Galileo GPS satellites have been launched into the wrong orbit

Space  /  6 days ago by Lorie Wimble

Imagination Technologies has decided to take on Raspberry Pi

Gadgets  /  4 days ago by Brian Molidor

Google News and Weather have received a major overhaul

Apps  /  4 days ago by Rocco Penn

Toyota is integrating Nexus 7 tablets into its vehicles

Automotive  /  August 21 by Rocco Penn

Sony's new camera is designed for selfies and looks like a perfume bottle

Gadgets  /  August 20 by Lorie Wimble

New app prevent skids from ignoring their parents' phone calls

Apps  /  August 18 by Brian Molidor