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9to5Mac Daily: February 15, 2019
Amazon Invests in Startup Building Electric Pickup Trucks and SUVs
As GE and Amazon Move On, Google Expands Presence in Boston and NYC
NASA Moves to Buy More Soyuz Seats for Late 2019, Early 2020
Samsung is Preparing to Launch a Sports Smartwatch and AirPods-like Earbuds
Apple Sued Over Fatal Fire Allegedly Caused by Defective iPad
Jack Dorsey Makes More Promises to Improve Twitter. But There’s a Lot More to do
GTX 1660 Ti May Launch with a Cheaper 3GB Variant
Facebook’s Early Portal Prototypes Swiveled to See Video Subjects
Compared: Apple's Smart Battery Case Versus Mophie Juice Pack Access
Wacom’s Pro Pen Slim is Here to Alleviate your Hand Cramps
This Website Uses AI to Generate a Fake Human Face Every Two Seconds
Alibaba Takes an 8% Stake in Tencent-backed Anime Streaming Site Bilibili
Funny Ha-ha
Snapchat Celebrates Black History Month with Virtual Museum
These Four Books Keep UX Designer and Engineer Imran Chaudhri Inspired
GitHub Launches ‘draft’ Pull Requests to Let Developers Discuss Code Before Deploying
ChargedUp Picks up £1.2M Seed to Grow its Mobile Charging Network Across UK
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