Online B2B companies start taking cues From B2Cs

When it comes to online marketing, B2C companies are often one step (or a few) ahead of their B2B counterparts. That makes sense. B2Bs and B2Cs are two entirely different animals, and B2Cs have needed to rely on the Internet as a major revenue source more than B2Bs. Now B2Bs are recognizing the need to… Continue reading Online B2B companies start taking cues From B2Cs

Referral marketing on Facebook

With 77% of B2C marketers capturing leads from Facebook, it’s fair to say that it deserves your attention. Referral marketing is becoming an essential part of most online marketing divisions. Continued growth in online advertising is overwhelming users with product and service choices. Similar to that of offline marketing over the last few decades, organizations… Continue reading Referral marketing on Facebook