How has big data changed healthcare?

Healthcare institutions have been compiling massive amounts of data for decades, storing it away for future use.  The future is now, because all that data is finally being put to good use!  Analysis of big data can be used for many things in the healthcare industry, from improving patient health outcomes to preventing hospital waste.… Continue reading How has big data changed healthcare?

#Infographic: The truth about big data

One of the big buzz words of 2013 has been ‘big data’. Every business wants it. Every tech company is playing in it. What exactly is it and where is it going?   In this infographic from, the truth is made clear.

Which Big Brother do you prefer?

The hot news item this week is that the National Security Agency is perusing millions of U.S. customer phone records at Verizon Communications and has been snooping on the digital communications stored by nine major Internet services under what is known as its PRISM Program. It reminds us how aggressively personal data is being collected… Continue reading Which Big Brother do you prefer?