Social media is the leader in disaster response

What is the first thing that pops into your mind during or after a disaster? Well during the course of each and every year 800,000 people are affected by these disasters and some people don’t know where to turn to for help. When phone lines are damaged and electricity delivery is interrupted, where should the… Continue reading Social media is the leader in disaster response

Hurricane Sandy as seen from space

These are one of those “Oh wow, look at that “moments in which leave us in awe and scared all in one photo. Technology sure has advanced when we can see hurricanes so detailed from space, we can now share images with the world, of the world in real-time. Although I love technology, every day… Continue reading Hurricane Sandy as seen from space

Hurricane Sandy controlling the East Coast of North America

As of this morning reports from NOAA  – The National Hurricane Center – has stated that what many are calling the Frankenstorm or Mammoth storm is now worsening, bringing more severe weather as it intensifies. “…SANDY NOW MOVING NORTH-NORTHWESTWARD AND ACCELERATING… …EXPECTED TO BRING LIFE-THREATENING STORM SURGE AND COASTAL HURRICANE WINDS PLUS HEAVY APPALACHIAN SNOWS…”