10 small business web design mistakes to avoid

  Small businesses need websites. But not just any old website will work. Try to avoid these 10 Web design mistakes so your site will help your business succeed instead of slowing it down.   1. Poor navigation tools Your site’s visitors need to know how to find information. Without good navigation tools, that’s nearly… Continue reading 10 small business web design mistakes to avoid

Mario mushroom insults

This image perfectly sums up some pretty good and relevant comebacks as what the mushrooms stand for within Nintendo Mario games. The red and white mushroom will make you grow bigger and the green and white mushroom will give you an extra life.

We’ve Isolated the Problem

Infections of various types are normally the cause of computer problems. It could be malware, worms, viruses, or any number of security threats that spread from computer to computer through networks and the Internet. In this case, the problem was pretty easy to isolate. When over 32K objects are currently infected on your device, it’s… Continue reading We’ve Isolated the Problem