5 video games that can make you smarter

Whether you like it or not, video games are becoming a permanent part of our culture and even our collective unconscious. As video game technology and storytelling techniques become more sophisticated, they’re joining film and television as one of the premier ways of not only keeping ourselves entertained, but maybe even learning something along the… Continue reading 5 video games that can make you smarter

Understanding the science of intelligence

There is a combination of genetics, aptitude, effort, and other outside forces at play when determining the intelligence level of a human. Some people are naturally intelligent and pick up certain types of knowledge more quickly than others. There are those who start off behind the curve but work their way to higher levels. Smart… Continue reading Understanding the science of intelligence

A “smart” science lesson

Intelligence, from a scientific perspective, is a broad, and deep comprehension—”catching on,” “making sense,” of things, or “figuring out” what to do. The average IQ falls between a range of 90 and 110. An important disclaimer, however, is that intelligence tests do not measure creativity, character, personality, or other important differences among individuals, nor are… Continue reading A “smart” science lesson

The history of business intelligence

Since 1958, there has been an increase in the need for business intelligence. It’s nothing new, but in recent years it’s been much more important as the data is finally reaching the ability to display and track it. This graphic depicts the history as it has happened over the last 54 years. Click to enlarge.… Continue reading The history of business intelligence