Finally, the Supreme Court is joining the digital age

One of the promises of the internet was to make more things available to the people in ways that we never knew before. For the most part, this has come true with a few major exceptions. One of those exceptions has been transparency in the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States. That… Continue reading Finally, the Supreme Court is joining the digital age

3 ways the internet is revolutionizing invention

The process of invention may be intrinsic to human nature and almost entirely unique to humankind, but the process of attributing credit to individual inventors and empowering those inventors to earn a living from the fruits of their ideas has been a long and often arduous one. The changing landscape of inventions and patents Today… Continue reading 3 ways the internet is revolutionizing invention

The Internet revolution

To say that the internet has completely revolutionized the way we communicate with each other would be a serious understatement. People around the world can stay connected in real time through mediums such as Skype and Facebook, and information can be found instantaneously on almost any subject imaginable. No wonder we have so many self… Continue reading The Internet revolution

Best internet entrepreneurs of 2012

2010 saw the launch of what are now two major social media websites – Pinterest and Instagram. These two companies, started by young entrepreneurs, quickly gained users. As of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in September of 2012, the photo-sharing program had 100 million users. Social networking sights such as these have had major impacts on… Continue reading Best internet entrepreneurs of 2012

Data footprints by generations

Over the first few thousand years of our existence (up until 2003), humankind generated 5 billion GB of data. Today, we generate that amount every two days. Think that’s a big jump? Well hold on to your seats, because experts predict that by next year we’ll be generating that amount every 10 minutes! This infographic… Continue reading Data footprints by generations

How algorithms have changed the world

If you consider yourself even remotely interested in technology, you’ve heard the term “algorithm.” An algorithm is defined as a set of instructions for solving a problem or performing a task, and a quick look at history will reveal that humans have been using them for thousands of years – ever since the famed Greek… Continue reading How algorithms have changed the world