Bets Are On To Name The iPad Killer

The competition for the much-desired title of ‘iPad Killer’ is hotting up, and analysts and bookies are paying close attention to the race. sets the odds for the next company to release a tablet PC in 2010 as the following: LG                               +300    25% HTC                            +100    50% SHARP                       +300    25% MOTOROLA            +300    25% NOKIA                       +150   … Continue reading Bets Are On To Name The iPad Killer

“Google Me” Creating Some “Buzz”

Remember when Google created Buzz to compete with Twitter and Facebook and um, other social tools? Remember how it basically fell flat, with Google forcing some people to use Buzz against their will, and a generally lukewarm reception all round? Well, Google has decided to wander into yet another company’s territory, this time – Facebook.… Continue reading “Google Me” Creating Some “Buzz”