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Charter, Comcast Don’t Have 1st Amendment Right to Discriminate, Court Rules
Instagram will Remove Fake Likes and Follows
IHeartMedia to Acquire Radio Adtech Company Jelli
Pixel 3 Bug Disables the Phone's Camera
Major AI Conference is Moving to Africa in 2020 Due to Visa Issues
Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream, Drawing Worries
BuzzFeed News Launches a Paid Membership Program (and Yes, There’s a Tote Bag)
Pandora Premium is Now Available on Amazon Echo Devices
If You like Smash, You’ll Love 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate'
Victoria's Secret Threw Shade at ThirdLove, and CEO Heidi Zak Had the Perfect Response
Proscenic 811GB Robot Vacuum Hands-on: Ingenious Wet and Dry Cleaning from a Noisy Robot
Roland’s Go:Mixer Pro is a YouTube Musician’s Best Friend
Google Chromecast Can Now Sync Music with Home Speakers
Doomed Argentine Sub Found a Year After its Disappearance
Ticketmaster and Fanatics Link up to Sell Merch and Tickets on Each Others’ Platforms
This Electric Motorcycle Runs on 15 Parts Made Via 3D Printer
Satisfye’s Nintendo Switch Grip Improves the Comfort for Big Hands
Incredible 311-mph Maglev Train Station Could Transform DC, Would Make Trip to Baltimore in 15 Minutes
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