10 Game-Inspired Food Items With Actual Awesomesauce

There are three rules that gamers follow when it comes to eating food and playing video games: must be fast, easy to eat and taste great.

The foods we’ve found have one additional thing going for them; they are inspired by video games, and therefore taste of awesome.

Nintendo Cereal System

In the 1980s, Nintendo crated a cereal for fans called “Nintendo Cereal System“. The box carried two flavors, one on either side, that featured the characters from Super Mario Brothers and Zelda.

Video Game Inspired Bento Meals


Super Mario Boo Ghost.

Little Big Planet character.

These video game inspired bento meals were created by a woman named Anna. She has made such creations as Yoshi and Pikcahi (as pictured at top), Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda and other anime, movie and video game inspired meals.

The Rubix Cubewich

The Rubix Cube gets nutrional when it becomes the “Rubix Cubewich“. The sandwich has cubes of pastrami, pork fat, kielbasa, salami and two kinds of cheddar.

Pac Man Cookies

These Pac Man sugar cookies are a perfect snack for any gamer that needs a little sugar rush.

The Mario 1-UP Burger

The Mario 1-Up burger is easily made by dying the top bun with green food coloring and then by melting circles of mozzarella on top of it. Sure the burger doesn’t look too appealing but I’m sure that it tastes fine.

Super Mario Bros. Cupcakes

These Super Mario Bros. cupcakes made by Flickr user Hello Naomi are almost too awesome to eat.

Atari and Nintendo Gaming System Cakes

These Atari and Nintendo gaming system cakes are pretty cool and almost make you want to start playing  game of Duck Hunt.

Mario Goes Healthy

Well here is one way to get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, make them look like their favorite video game characters.

Super Mario Cake

This awesome Super Mario cake looks too awesome to eat plus it looks a little hard to cut.

Space Invaders Breakfast

Let aliens invade your breakfast with the Space Invaders toaster molds.

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