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Stand Down Skeptics: Wineglass Shape Really Does Matter
Casio Adds Modern Tech to the Classic G-Shock Watch
1,000mph Land Speed Record Project Now in Doubt Due to Funding Woe
Apple Hopes the Apple Watch Can Help Patients Recover Faster from Knee and Hip Replacements
Twitter Exposes X Factor 'First Class' Trickery
The Catalyst: Leigh Honeywell
End Nears for RSS? Firefox 64 to Drop Built-in Support for RSS, Atom Feeds, Says Mozilla
World's Fastest Camera Shoots at 10 Trillion Frames Per Second
Meghan Markle is Pregnant
Samsung Galaxy S10 Might not Come with 5G Version as Previously Rumored, Per ‘T3’
Hyundai's Kona Electric is Ready to Hit the Road
Despite New Rules, Tracking Political Ad Spend Across Facebook, Google, and Twitter Remains Difficult
10 Years After the Recession, U.S. Cities with a Strong Tech Industry are the Most Resilient
Moonday Morning: Cryptocurrency Market is as Mature as ‘dollar and Oil’
Binance will Launch its First Cryptocurrency-to-fiat Trading Pairs in Uganda
Stephen Hawking's Final Papers Predict the Future will Be Super-rich Superhumans Vs. Regular Humans
“Fixed Mindsets” Might Be Why We Don’t Understand Statistics
Amazon's 'Transparent' will End with a Movie-length Musical Episode
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