These graphs will give you an idea of how popular Pokemon Go is


We all know that Pokemon Go is big, but just how big, exactly? Well it’s hard to get exact numbers without going through Nintendo, but Inverse searched through a few different graphs to get an idea of just how popular the new game is, and the conclusion isn’t all that surprising: it’s really friggin big. I know that’s vague, but all you need to do is watch the news and see people crashing their cars or falling off ledges because they’re too distracted by the game to get a feel for how massive Pokemon Go is right now, and may continue to be.

Pokemon Go is big. Like, really big. New data is emerging that reveals the game is not just catching on, it’s catching on more than dating, chatting with celebrities, and even Game of Thrones. It’s hard to get across just how huge this phenomenon is, so here are four essential graphs that will hopefully put it into perspective. Reddit is the 30th most-visited website in the world, according to SimilarWeb. This graph shows the most popular subreddit (sections) on the website for the month of July. AskReddit, a subreddit where celebrities answer questions from the general public, had a staggering 37 million page views from 4.4 million unique visitors in the week after Pokemon Go was released. Not too shabby, right? Except you see that dark blue line shooting up past the green line? Yeah, the dark blue line is the Pokemon Go subreddit, and the green line is AskReddit. Here we see AskReddit getting its ass kicked by a game that wasn’t available in the month before. That week after Pokemon Go came out, its dedicated subreddit accrued 92 million page views from almost 8 million unique visitors.

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