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White Paper Marketing Concept-to-Publication White Paper Marketing Service

A white paper is often the centrepiece of a tech company’s marketing initiative. Offering an in-depth look at the specific problems the tech firm is addressing with its solution, a white paper is a valuable resource for potential clients that goes far beyond typical marketing collateral.

A white paper is not an advertisement, it is thought leadership. It positions you as the leader in your industry, a go-to resource for answers, and as a valuable resource for solutions to the reader’s most vexing problems.

The marketing value of a white paper

Customers looking for solutions to a problem don’t respond well to a hard-sell, “buy me now” message. They want hard facts and information, and an in-depth look at the problems they may be facing as well as the potential solution. A white paper offers this level of detail, typically in a five- to ten-page paper that is designed to offer help and insight to the reader.

Positioning your company as a knowledgeable resource is the best type of marketing for any technology firm. Publishing white papers accomplishes this goal – and in addition to the thought leadership value, it also serves a strong lead generation function.

Introducing’s concept-to-publication white paper service, your destination for disruptive technology and emerging trends, has a new solution – one not offered by any other publication.

Writing a white paper requires a particular type of expertise that combines journalistic talent with technical knowledge and marketing savvy. We possess this unique combination of skills. These are not “boilerplate” marketing-fluff papers, rather, the papers we create reflect your value and mission, and knowledge of the industry. Our goal is to position you as the industry leader. We begin with a launch call to gather information and to let you meet the team. Through our own research along with information provided by you and phone conferences as needed, we will create a thoughtful white paper ready for publication, distribution at trade shows, and for use as marketing collateral by your sales staff.

There are four parts to a successful white paper initiative. is the only publisher that offers all four:

  • Consultation and strategy. Before writing the first white paper, it is essential to have a coherent strategy and to determine precisely what message you want to convey. This may involve personal phone consultation, branding, and messaging.
  • Writing. Once the proper message has been determined, you need seasoned industry experts to write it. We have the staff, the background, and the industry insight to truly understand your message, and communicate it to the world.
  • Layout. A white paper is, after all, a short publication that needs to look professional. Our in-house graphics department will give it the image you need.
  • Publication. Once it’s complete, your white paper will be featured on’s landing page and White Paper Library on a rotating basis.

Your white paper will appear on’s landing page sidebar and also in our White Paper Library.  Your white paper will be made available for download as a PDF (with the title, short description, and link visible from the library). If desired, readers will be asked to provide contact information prior to downloading. will also publish a relevant front-page article about your company and technology, with a hyperlink to the white paper, as part of this service.

Be the leader in your industry. Contact at 307-463-4505, or [email protected], to launch a series of in-depth white papers today. 

Thank you.