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Techi is an exciting platform that serves fresh daily technology news, funky new design stuff, in-depth editorial articles, and reviews.

We are a passionate collective of geeks from different backgrounds bringing diversity and insight to our postings.

Founded in 2010, Techi brings the latest details on cutting-edge technology for the Information Age. Read the latest news and investigative reporting on everything from gadgets to gaming to Google. In addition, our extensive coverage includes topics related to today’s leading technology, such as software, social media, gaming, Apple, mobile, apps, web design, and much more.

Modern-day technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Unfortunately, keeping up with the latest smartphones or tablet releases can overwhelm the senses. Consider Techi.com com your roadmap to today’s most innovative technological advances.

We don’t do boring! Well, at least we try. Techi was born out of a desire to merge all types of technology news in a fun, friendly, and casual fashion. So we take things easy and enjoy the ride. TechAbout manages the site.

Up-to-the-minute coverage on the technology industry’s most significant and boldest releases. Techi.com. Your only source for plugging in.

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