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Online retail sales have been growing steadily in recent years, reaching record highs in 2015.  Shoppers spent a combined $4.33 billion on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday alone.  Customers are purchasing things like clothing and accessories more than anything else, despite the fact they can’t try it on before buying.  This is great for retailers because there’s less overhead invested in stores, fitting rooms, and staff to reshelve merchandise when it is unwanted.  There’s just one little hiccup- customers want what they want when they want it, and your warehouse is a lot more likely to send them the wrong thing than they are to pick up the wrong item themselves.

Making sure the customer gets what they want in a timely manner requires the right warehouse management system.  You can keep track of inventory in real time, plan efficient picking routes to minimize shipping times, and cut down on picking errors.  The right software can also forecast the need for certain items to make sure you don’t run out of anything.

Learn more about how the right warehouse management system can improve your online retail business from this infographic.  It’s time for you to corner your portion of the market for good!


Infographic courtesy of SkuVault

Header image courtesy of Free Stock Photos

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