Which of these crowd-sourced logos should Mozilla use?


As an organization that’s all about being community-driven and whose products are all about being open-source, it seems only natural that Mozilla would have its community crowd-source its new logo. Mozilla announced as much back in June, and you can learn all about it on the Mozilla blog, but the gist of it is that the organization is working with its community to update its brand identity over the next six months or so. As of last week, Mozilla has managed to narrow it down to just seven concept designs.

In June, Mozilla announced that it would be redesigning its logo with the help of the internet’s collaboration. Along the way, it asked its community members to provide feedback on every step, shaping the logo into what the Web believes is a strong rebrand. Today, the company unveiled the seven finalists up for selection. “Each of the seven concepts we’re sharing today leads with and emphasizes a particular facet of the Mozilla story,” Mozilla’s Creative lead wrote in a blog post. “From paying homage to our paleotechnic origins to rendering us as part of an ever-expanding digital ecosystem, from highlighting our global community ethos to giving us a lift from the quotidian elevator open button, the concepts express ideas about Mozilla in clever and unexpected ways.” The seven concepts are filed under different themes, such as “For The Internet of People” and “With You From The Start.” To learn more the story behind each logo, visit Mozilla and click on the image to see a full description.

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