Google Search might soon have a built-in speed-testing tool

Shares has been the go-to place to test out your Internet speed for years, but last month, Netflix launched its own speed-testing website, known as, that’s even easier and faster than Ookla’s website. However, rumor has it that Google is working on its own speed-testing tool that will surpass even Netflix’s tool in terms of easiness, because it’s going to be built right into Google Search. According to a Google Support page, the test takes thirty seconds and is performed by one of Google’s partners, M-Lab, although the only thing Google shares with the company is your IP address.

Typically, when you are looking to test your internet speeds, one will head to Ookla’s Speed Test website, or maybe even Netflix’s new site. Well, that all may be changing soon. According to information posted onto Google’s support site, as well as a tweet circulating the web, it appears Google is bringing internet speed testing directly to Google Search. Currently, when a search of “check internet speed” is performed on Google, you will be met with plenty of results, whether they be from Netflix, Ookla, Xfinity, etc. When these changes go live for the masses, a button will appear in Google Search stating, “Run Speed Test.” When hit, Google will perform the speed test for you, then relay that information back to you. Google is essentially turning themselves into your destination instead of the middleman, something they have been getting better at as Google Search has become a more powerful and smarter tool over the years.

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