French Artist Hovers Back To The Future


A while ago, brought you a list of Back to the Future innovations we’re still waiting for. My personal favorite? The hoverboard.

That’s why I couldn’t resist covering this story. French artist Nils Gaudagnin, clearly a fellow BTTF fan has created a real life replica of the hoverboard, from it’s gaudy pink design to the fact that it actual hovers.

Wait, what?! That’s right, it actually hovers! Through some complicated and unexplained setup involved electromagnets, lasers and various other scientific doohickeys, Nils’ exhibit actually floats suspended in mid air, a feat sure to keep Stephen Hawking awake for at least an hour or two longer than normal tonight.

The hoverboard is the very embodiment of Marty McFly’s cheeky, anti-establishment attitude and it’s transference to the 21st Century. And it was hot pink and manufactured by Mattel.

Source: BitRebels

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