Want To Wipe Out Justin Bieber? You're Not Alone

If you’re online, watch TV or have kids, you probably know the name Justin Bieber, and hear it way more than you want to.

One Firefox developer has the same feeling, and created a Firefox add-on to help achieve this goal, at least in internet searching and browsing.

The extension, named Shaved Bieber will censor any mention of the despised one in your browser. A bookmarklet is also available to allow custom censoring of pages.

The tool even helps hide images of Bieber so you don’t have to look at his adorable, despicable face.

Developer Greg Leuch was also responsible for a Firefox extension that changes upper case text to lower case in response to the Kanye West outbursts after the MTV Video Music Awards.

Source: CNet

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at accentmedia.ca or on Twitter.

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  • Dalla

    this guy sounds amazing

  • No! JUSTIINNNNNnnnnnn n n n n n n

  • Handles

    Bieberfan – Bieberfan by Handles

    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    I know yall jus love to hate me,
    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    Yer cryin jus like a baby,
    Cuz I’m free – cuz I’m free,
    Ya’d give me a nuckle sandwitch,
    Cuz I’m free – cuz I’m free,
    Of yer fuk’n Bieber boy-bitch.

    Itz alovuh CNN,
    Itz alovuh CTV,
    Itz eklipzen liddle Bieber,
    Itz de tool dat setz us free.
    Itz alovuh BBC,
    Itz alovuh NHK,
    Itz de newz of Bieber Shaver,
    Itz takin Bieber uhway!

    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    Ya can have yer liddle flame wo,
    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    Ya can play de Bieberz street ho,
    Gedda life – gedda life,
    I don’t share in yer ubseshun,
    Gedda life – gedda life,
    Bend ovuh fer my agreshun!

    Itz de Bieber Shaver scoop,
    Itz de gift Belieberz hate,
    Itz de newz dat rocks de nashunz,
    Itz de fact Greg Leuch is great!
    Itz de cureall of de web,
    Itz stoppin mediuh gas,
    Itz x-lax fer Bieberpation,
    Itz my finguh up his ass!

    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    Don’t bothuh to try an hide it,
    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    Yer just a lode-o Biebershit,
    Bieberzgone – Bieberzgone,
    Bieber Shaver givz me powuh,
    Bieberzgone – Bieberzgone,
    Yall feel free to cry an cowuh.

    I’m fo de Biebergeddun,
    I’m fo takin out de trash,
    I’m fo shavin off yer Bieberz,
    I’m burnin Bieber to ash!
    I’m fo takin back my Mac,
    I’m fo takin back PC,
    I’m fo de Bieber-Biebercaust,
    I’m fo settin bruthuhs free!

    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    I’m ready fo de cybuh warz,
    Bieberfan – Bieberfan,
    I’m silencin ya Bieberwhorz,
    Free at last – free at last!
    It doesn’t get bedder dan dis!
    Free at last – free at last!
    I’ve gots all de Belieberz pissed!

    No mo of me holdin back,
    No mo of all yer screamin,
    No mo of Bieber on my screen,
    No mo of yer Bieberdreamin,
    No mo of ya Bieberhos,
    No mo of yer stupid stuntz,
    Now my eyes no longuh see ya,
    Bunch of stupid Biebercuntz!

    -To my bruthas in hip-hop dis is released under GPL:
    “Run wit it – have fun wit it” ~ Handles

    P.S.: Bieber is comin to Toronto. Shit! Datz my back yard! Do me a favorz. Print out my raps and tape dem to de telefone poles. Let Bieberz know! (Evil laff!)