Apple PR Speaks On iPhone 4 Reception Issue

Apple today released an announcement regarding the iPhone 4 reception issue, and guess what – it’s not their fault, and there isn’t really an issue at all.

Apple’s PR department spoke out about the issue that has become a major concern among early adopters, although it seems only a small minority of people are actually seeing the issue.

Apple reports that the problem is “both simple and surprising”. The method used by phone manufacturers to calculate the available signal has been updated recently, and the iPhone 4 uses the old way.

Apple is essentially saying that the drop in signal isn’t actual, only perceived – that calls will not be dropped because of this issue.

Many users are indeed claiming calls are being dropped, but since AT&T was never really an outstanding carrier in the first place, is it so hard to imagine that users calls were dropping regardless of how many bars their phone displayed or how they gripped their phone?

Apple ends their communication by stressing that they believe the iPhone 4’s wireless performance is the best they’ve ever shipped.

They also stress at the end that any user not satisfied with they iPhone 4 may return their device within 30 days for a full refund, which is of course their way of telling the whiners to put up or shut up.

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