Apple’s Antenna Lab – One Malevolent Female Robot Away From Being Portal

As Toby mentioned yesterday, Apple is pretty adamant that the signal problem isn’t their fault, citing in yesterday’s press conference that the problem is not only equally common to all phones, but that the iPhone 4 itself isn’t even experiencing much of an issue. This whole mess was just a result of overzealous bloggers jumping the gun. In short: ‘stop picking on us, guys.’

After all, why wouldn’t Apple spend a princely sum of money and an age of time testing the piss out of their products, right? To prove the stone-faced seriousness of their business, Apple has taken the time to provide some sexy photos of their phone testing chambers.

Looking more like Cerebro than a testing facility, it would seem that Apple’s dedication to sexy, clean lines extends even to their labs. I don’t pretend to know how this works, and in true Apple fashion, the website‘s blurb doesn’t pretend to want to tell me anything terribly useful about how it works, either. But apparently, thanks to Bowser’s Castle here, Apple is for sure certain for real-real that we’re all a bunch of idiots – there’s no antenna problem, guys. Shut up. We’re not getting a free bumper. Ever. Never.

In case you missed the press conference yesterday, it’s here.

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