Google's September 8th Announcement Is About Search

Toby Leftly September 7 Google

Google has announced a press event for tomorrow, September 8th, to discuss searching.

It seems obvious, except recently Google has been about almost everything except search, so it’s worth stating out in the open.

The invite alludes to a single large announcement relating to search, and mentions the “evolution of Google search”.

Google is certainly rolling out the big guns, with Marissa Mayer, Johanna Wright, Ben Gomes and Othar Hansson leading the event.

The event will take place at the Museum Of Modern Art in San Francisco. Some have speculated that the location is an indication that Google wants to discuss updates to its Google Goggles visual search technology.

It’s widely believed that Google will be announcing a music storage and download service around Christmas time, but until then Google might actually plan to focus on search for just a little while longer.

Written by Toby Leftly

Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at or on Twitter.

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  • Andre Richards

    I love the company, but I’m standing by my belief that Eric Schmidt will be to Google was Steve Ballmer has been to Microsoft. They’re following the same trajectory–branching out into too many weird new markets that go too far outside their competencies and spreading themselves too thin as a result. Now comes the update XP moment. Are we about to see the tweaks that will push the Google search engine into its Vista phase? I’m cringing for what’s about to be unveiled and hoping it’s not. I’d be happy to be proven wrong but I’m not counting on it.

  • Kermonk

    If we are lucky Mayer is leaving for microsoft – then she can screw up their interfaces instead of googles.

  • Should be an interesting meeting 🙂

  • Sounds like some serious news coming – can’t wait to hear it!

  • Google has been making some tweaks for awhile now. Occasionally Google Analytics has been showing traffic spikes way out of the norm. The reliance on links seems to me to be fading or possibly even gone. Traffic, Time on site, Bounce, Page views, Loyalty, and more give Google a perfect view of which sites dominate their field.

    Bing/Yahoo are so far behind.

  • Jo Gidd

    Wow, this makes perfect sense to me dude.


  • Hey thanks for the article. I am a seo kind of guy and from the looks of things…i am closely watching what is going to happened to our page rankings after the update. What’s your opinion on this?

  • This is what i was looking for. Thanks man for sharing it.

  • Great job done guys keep it up.

  • This gonna helps lots of peoples.

  • JP

    I can’t wait to see what this meeting is all about.

  • Wow, I love Google..

  • Google does not need to change anything. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

  • Very interesting, please keep us up to date what the outcome of the meeting is.

  • Don’t care. I want my Ron Paul and lolcats back!

  • Google music storage! Google TV! – I just hope everything they put out gets their full attention. Wasn’t there something they pulled recently 🙂

  • Thomas G.

    Is there a live-streaming?

  • Thomas G.
  • Mike Knower

    New instant results! Looks great.

  • My understanding is that Google has been making tweaks to their search system since the beginning of the year and that user activity is playing a much bigger role than it used to. Being that the most popular sites on the internet are those that allow updates, (Facebook, Twitter, etc) comments, (Mashable, Youtube, et al) and interaction between the users, it would seem to be a natural progression that Google figures user activity into the equation when ranking sites.
    Relevant blog comments should help too.