JVC Introduces World’s First Consumer 3D Camcorder

If there was a common theme at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, it was undoubtedly 3D technology. Tech giants including Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony showed off a slew of new 3D televisions, some of which don’t even require cumbersome glasses.

JVC also had 3D tech on display, and its most notable product at CES was the GS-TD1, the world’s first consumer camcorder to offer 3D recording in Full High Definition. The camera features two advanced lenses that record two different images simultaneously. According to JVC, the lenses also provide other advantages:

The camcorder uses a JVC 3D Twin HD GT Lens that sets a new standard in high-resolution lenses with extra-low-dispersion glass for crisp, high-contrast images, as well as multiple aspherical lenses for fine image reproduction. The GS-TD1 also features round iris diaphragms that enable beautiful bokeh effect (background blurring) shooting of video and stills alike.

If you’re eager to shoot videos of your family vacations in 3D, there’s one catch. This camera will set you back about $2,000. However, that price also provides 64GB of internal flash storage space, an image stabilizer, video editing/sharing software, a 3.5 inch 3D playback display that doesn’t require glasses, as well as plenty of bragging rights. Look for it in stores in March.

For more information, see the video below featuring a very excited JVC exec.


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