The really quick evolution of Apple product designs

Apple IIe
Sal McCloskey February 11 Apple

For the last three of decades, Apple has separated itself from the various competitors through company culture, innovative technologies, and stellar marketing efforts. They have built a passionate community around their products based upon a lifestyle-promise – owning an Apple makes the savvy buyer “special” in some way.

This is true with their design concepts as well. Even during the clunky technology days of the 80s, their devices held a certain elegance that gave them appeal over the competition. The tradition of clean, understated simplicity continues today with each new product or upgrade. In the video below, we get to take a look at nearly every Apple design over the years in about as short of a time as possible to be able to fit it all in.

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Written by Sal McCloskey

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    Dude, Apple has always been jsut cool liek that and always will be.
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    • But since their founder is no more, you never know whats in store now.

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