After Earth trailer demonstrates M. Night Shyamalan’s obsession with nature rising against humans

After Earth Shyamalan Will Smith

The plants fought back in The Happening. A mythical world under swimming pool threatened to destroy humanity in Lady in the Water. Now, “everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans” in the upcoming After Earth.

After a skyrocketing career turned into a promising career, only to be replaced by a plummeting career followed by a joke of a career, Shyamalan takes his story off the planet, only to return right back to it in the future. If that isn’t confusing enough, just watch The Village and it may all make more sense.

Fortunately, he’s teaming up with some extra sci-fi star power in Will Smith (Independence Day, Men in Black) and a proven writer Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Syriana), so this may (finally) be the film that brings back some of the magic that he displayed over a decade ago with The Sixth Sense and Signs. Here’s the first trailer release of the upcoming movie:


By Sal McCloskey

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