A concept design that would allow you to awaken to the smell of bacon

awaken to the smell of bacon

If you are a bacon lover, as most Internet users are, then you already know how glorifying it is to wake up to the smell of the bacon aroma wafting in the air. It most certainly will get you out of bed faster than an alarm clock and fill your soul with some bacony deliciousness.

A concept design of a bacon alarm clock that allows you to awaken every morning to the smell of a bacon breakfast is surprisingly not in mass production. Even the wooden alarm is carved to look like the fabulous animal in which creates the yummy bacon we so desire. Anyone who would say no to this idea would be like saying they don’t like cats (sheer blasphemy!!!!) *Shriek’s while a shiver cascades down spine*

The whole idea of Wake’n Bacon is for you to put frozen bacon in the tray that is inside the alarm clock and 10 minutes prior to your alarm going off you will have perfectly cooked and ready to eat bacon. Just the thought of the concept is making my tummy rumble; I could only imagine how pleasant mornings would be…

By Rocco Penn

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