14 amazing steampunk keyboards

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West

In recent years, the popularity of SteamPunk seems to have lost its steam a bit in popular culture, but those who still love the mix of modern technological insights with 19th century style and sensibilities hold to the fictional beautification of society as if it were a full-blown movement.

As art forms go, SteamPunk is most often manifested as a part of science fiction literature. It usually involves an alternate timeline where technology and fashion adhered to brass, analog innovations, and steam power to push into the 20th century and beyond with roots in the British Victorian era as well as 19th century America. A notable example was the film Wild Wild West with Will Smith,  Kevin Kline, and Kenneth Branagh. In it, futuristic technology met gun slinging action with SteamPunk overtones.

There are plenty of websites and blogs dedicated to the art of SteamPunk, but here we’re most interested in the geek gadget components, so we’ve compiled a gallery of SteamPunk keyboards to spark your imagination. Would you be able to work on keyboards like these?

SteamPunk Keyboard 1

SteamPunk Keyboard 2

SteamPunk Keyboard 3

SteamPunk Keyboard 4

SteamPunk Keyboard 5

SteamPunk Keyboard 6

SteamPunk Keyboard 7

SteamPunk Keyboard 8

SteamPunk Keyboard 9

SteamPunk Keyboard 10

SteamPunk Keyboard 11

SteamPunk Keyboard 12

SteamPunk Keyboard 13

SteamPunk Keyboard 14

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