Do you believe in global warming?

Global Warming Smoke

Global Warming Smoke

If you want to start an argument at a cocktail party, bring up religion, politics, or global warming. The opinions on both sides are strong, though recent trends are leaning towards believing that climate change is real. Those who deny it, though, are adamant about their beliefs.

Even if you believe in global warming, it’s not guaranteed that you believe that it’s caused by the actions of man. Even more contentious of a debate is how to solve the problem if it does indeed exist. Many who believe that it is man made also believe that if we would all adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, that we can reverse the trend.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, the facts are facts, and those are currently situated around perceptions. Here is how those perceptions are broken down according to Americans in this infographic by Service One AC.

American Perceptions on Climate Change


By Scarlett Madison

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