The lockers you didn't know Amazon had at RadioShack and Staples are being pulled

To some, it was a brilliant idea that would help Amazon reach even more people. To others, it was a quirky idea that was destined to fail. Early indications of a lack of success are having at least two major retailers pulling down the Amazon Lockers, a venture into the real world by the virtual giant. Will anyone miss them? Did anyone really know about them?

Amazon has lost two big partners for its delivery locker program. After a ten-month trial period, RadioShack and Staples have both pulled Amazon Lockers from their respective retail stores.

The lockers allow Amazon customers to place an order and retrieve their items at a public pickup spot at their convenience, thus avoiding the hassle of scheduling deliveries and the risk of theft. But in the case of RadioShack and Staples, it seems customers weren’t interested in tacking on extra purchases while picking up their Amazon items.

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