Survey shows the iPhone is the most desired phone in emerging markets

Companies pay special attention to emerging markets as there’s significant room there for growth. Such markets are catered to by a plethora of low-end or mid-range smartphones, usually powered by Android. Samsung holds a strong position, which gives it a leg up on Apple when it comes to their global statistics. The iPhone doesn’t exactly fit the range of most customers in emerging markets, though that doesn’t mean they can’t desire for one. 

People want what they can’t have. For many of those living in emerging markets, that’s an iPhone. Apple is the most desirable mobile-phone brand among inhabitants of emerging markets, according to a report from marketing firm Upstream and researcher Ovum. In the study conducted this year, Apple edged out Samsung Electronics, which was the leader in a separate survey by Upstream last year. Samsung saw a slight decline in its share of developing-market consumers who favor its phones from 32 percent to 29 percent, according to Upstream. Apple’s share jumped dramatically from 21 percent to where Samsung was last year.

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