Forget Google Fiber, US Internet is offering a 10GB/s internet service

While Google Fiber may have brought gigabit internet speeds to the limelight in the United States, one company in Minnesota is taking things even further. For people fortunate enough to live in Minneapolis, US Internet is offering an insane 10GB/s ¬†internet service, one of the fastest in the world. While this service will run you a heft $400 per month, it’s geared more towards small business owners.

Global internet and data services provider US Internet has let it be known this week that they’re bringing the fastest internet connection in the history of the world to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company, founded in 1995, will be bringing on “the same broadband as Fortune 100 companies” and beyond to small business owners and residential customers. According to Joe Caldwell, Co-CEO of US Internet, “With our new fiber network, we have redefined what is considered broadband Internet and taken our speed capabilities to next-gen levels, resulting in the fastest Internet service the world has ever seen for home users.”

By Carl Durrek

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