Big Dog Robot Can Jog Up To 5mph With Your Groceries


Don’t feel like carrying all of your heavy bags anymore? Let Big Dog do it for you.

Big Dog is a prototype ‘mule’ that was created by Boston Dynamics to be used by the United States Army. The main goal for these types of robots is to go with soldiers into the field, and tag a long with them just like a pack animal would. The robot weighs in at 240+lbs and walks on four legs. It can also carry more than its own weight in cargo.

Boston Dynamics has released a video of the Big Dog in action. The robot is jogging on asphalt at 5mp. That doesn’t seem very fast to us but for a robot that just walks it is huge.

Creating robots that walk is what Boston Dynamic is known for. The company has also created a Little Dog, which can find its way over scaled ground, and the Petman, which just recently jogged 7km/h (4.4 mph).

Big Dog is the star of Boston Dynamics due to its quick recovery from falls and the ability to pull across rough land.

Source: Singularity Hub, Boston Dynamics

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