Your Keyboard Or Your Clutch Bag, Madam?

We love to use, look at and read about technology, and we also get excited at interesting, innovative and just downright unique ways of using old tech – so take a look at Neatorama’s Recycled Keyboard Clutch bag ($37.95), made out of (you guessed it) old keyboards.

This eco-friendly attempt at creating the perfect clutch bag for the gadget geek is actually assembled using recycled keyboard.

The bag has a zippered top, a handloop abd a denim interior. It is made using approximately 210 (count ‘em) black keyboard keys per bag and ships inside a week.

Beyond the clutch bag, Neatorama also offers small purses, picture frames and more. We think they’re pretty cool.

Also check their Recycled Circuit Board Pens ($4.95, below).

Via: TrendHunter

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